Sat. Aug 24th, 2019

Ex-Miss Iraq defends Israel, accuses Hamas of terrorism – Middle East Monitor

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The former Miss Iraq for 2017 Sarah Idan has accused Hamas of terrorism and using the people of the Gaza Strip as human shields.

Idan went on to block comments from followers who attacked Israel on her Twitter account.

“Not Palestinian people seeking freedom but a TERRORIST militia Hamas using Gazans as human shield firing rockets from residential areas so when Israel respond they use horrific photos of the victims & promote their cause which is not just freedom but eradication of Israel!” ​​she wrote.

She went on to write that “Gaza isn’t even occupied!”

This came as she accused Palestinians for Israel’s attack on the besieged Gaza Strip earlier this month.

Her comments have been met with criticism and abuse with many highlighting her ignorance of the Palestine-Israel conflict. However she insists that all their proofs were wrong and the Arab audiences are “brainwashed” by the media and do not know the full story.

This is not the first time Idan has caused controversy, in 2017 she selfies with then Miss Israel Adar Gandelsman.

Miss Iraq is a false prophet of peace and coexistence

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