Thu. Jun 27th, 2019

Calgary airport wait times for screenings return to normal

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The Calgary Airport Authority says security screening wait times are back to normal after several flights were delayed Monday morning.

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) experienced an outage of its equipment at D and E screening points, airport spokesperson Reid Fiest said in an emailed statement.

People with U.S.-bound flights at the E screening point were screened using contingency procedures, which resulted in eight U.S. bound-flights being delayed. 

People with international flights at the D screening point were redirected to domestic screening at C, Fiest said, which meant delays for both those types flights as well. 

Fiest said that after the initial delays, wait times decreased throughout the morning.

“The wait times in the lines have gone down significantly. So it would be definitely less than an hour, the lines are not visible anymore,” Fiest said.

“Always check online, or with your airline, and if you are able to come a little bit early, that means that may help save some frustration for you.”

The airport authority says it will provide updates through its social media accounts

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