Sat. Aug 24th, 2019

Martian Winds Are Not The Cause Of Methane On Mars

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As new research resurfaces, we learn more about the methane from Mars and the real fact that it didn’t come from Martian winds. Scientists also explain some of the most intriguing things that make us wonder even more, what is the real deal with this phenomenon and how it started being spread.

With the latest statement, we get to understand how it really happened. Newcastle University offers us an original declaration about the things as they arrived on Mars. According to the University researchers, wind destruction was taking into consideration as the first cause of methane gas leaking on Mars. But things are not really like that, and it won’t stay the same, either.

A Mars research from 2003 showed how methane was made over time by two factors, biological and geological. With that discovery, there had been many rumors about the real source of the gas and a possible livable part on Mars.

Martian Winds Are Not The Cause Of Methane On Mars

From 2003 other studies succeeded to appear offering us another perspective. Some of them gave scientists the idea that maybe the methane wasn’t even spread in the Mars’ atmosphere, being in the end identified on some temporary parts on the Mars’ area.

Back to Newcastle University, the researchers there give a possible chance that the methane levels could be coming from the wind destruction of rocks, letting caught methane from fluid enclosures and cracks on the Mars’ area. Dr. Jon Telling, a geochemist from the Newcastle University, stated that they made an extraordinary discovery by identifying a possible source of the gas. They used some very realistic imagery from orbit that gave them some answers.

The Martian winds can actually transport some very high local levels of sand action, and some possible levels of sand destruction.
Researchers used all of these data to analyze better the situation and to approximate the levels of destruction on the Mars’ area and how significant it is, in fact, the releasing of methane. They concluded that this is not actually the source. Also, they couldn’t find out, unfortunately, if the factors are biological.

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