When Is The Next New And Full Moon? How The Lunar Calendar Affects You In Love & Relationships | Deborah Roth

It’s magical!

Whether the night sky is currently lit by a brightly romantic full moon or a darkly quiet new moon, astrology holds that each phase of the lunar cycle, as well as each month’s particular full and new moons, have their own specific ways they affect us when it comes to dating, love and relationships.

For those who follow the guidance of their zodiac signs, it’s helpful to keep a monthly moon calendar on hand so you don’t have to constantly wonder “When is the next new moon?” or “When is the next full moon?”

After all, the moon’s powerful energy has an effect on most aspects of our world.

Gardeners know it makes the flowers bloom, fishermen are well ‘schooled’ in its effect on their catches, and hospital delivery rooms have been known to gear up for a baby boom when the moon is at its fullest!

It’s no secret that the Moon has a powerful influence on our outer world in so many ways. And as many sensitive souls will tell you, it also can deeply affect your inner world as well.

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