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Possible Reveal At Standalone Conference Or Gamescom?

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The last installment of Need For Speed released two years ago since then there is no sign of another NFS game in development. So Ea is already in the period where they desperately need a new NFS game to save their franchise.

There are many reasons and the preventive measures which Ea could consider to be in the race of racing games:

Standalone Conference

Need for Speed reveal is not far away as there are speculations that game could unveil in a day or two. It is claimed that the game is already decided to reveal in a standalone conference on 14th August 2019.

Ea officially disclosed that there will be a Need for Speed game this year for sure. So hold your gas and ready for some serious racing action this year.

Title of Need For Speed 2019

It is rumored that Need for Speed 2019 is titled as “Heat” But we are not very sure about it.

Possible Reveal At Gamescom

However, it’s not possible at E3 to show a glimpse of the new Need for Speed game. But Gamescom couldn’t repeat the same as it could reveal the game at the event. If Ea wants to make this event more exciting than E3, then its the right move.

Need for Speed Standards

As Need for Speed progressing in terms of new installation their standards is degraded within the release. Last Need for Speed ruled the racing games section when they release the sequel of popular series Most Wanted. So to maintain their standards, developers should avoid the break of a long period. Need for Speed been silent for nearly two years.

Rise of Forza Horizon

Without competition, there is no scope of development and improvements in every section. Gaming also follows the rule of being better than “others”, Forza horizon is regarded as the biggest threat to the Need for Speed franchise. Forza did unfollow its tradition and bought the game to Microsoft Windows, Forza is the bundle product of Xbox consoles which were exclusive till the fourth installment. But now Forza has also been in the race for Pc games too, so in simple NFS will have a tough competition now.

No Street Racing Game

This is the massive advantage for the NFS franchise to launch their game this year as there is no such hard competition this year. No release of racing games is expected this year and this could make NFS a better contender for the driving seat.

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