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Customers react to arrest of woman, accused of killing Vegas nail salon owner | Las Vegas Local Breaking News, Headlines

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LAS VEGAS — After 13 days on the run, the woman police said hit and killed a valley nail salon owner was arrested on Friday.

The Phoenix FBI found Krystal Whipple in Glendale, Arizona. She’s charged with burglary, robbery and murder.

Thanks to a tip from valley law enforcement, the FBI’s Violent Crime Task Force caught Whipple on Cabela Drive in Glendale. That’s about 300 miles away from where she was seen at Crystal Nails and Spa in Las Vegas.

Customers of the victim Annie Nguyen are relieved the search is finally over.

“Once I found out it was Annie, I just couldn’t sleep, my head was pounding,” loyal customer Leah Rodriguez said. “It was just horrible. Until this day, it’s just not the same anymore.”

Rodriguez said what started as just a one-time nail salon visit, quickly grew into a friendship.

“I’m just hurt by this and I want to know why,” she said. “Why would you do this to my friend who did my nails? She was a loving, caring person. She just wanted to get paid like anybody would.”

Surveillance video captured the moment Nguyen and her partner tried to stop the suspect Krystal Whipple from leaving without paying her $35 bill.

Whipple hit the gas, hitting Nguyen and dragging her 50 feet.

“I don’t care if you didn’t have money. I don’t care whatever the situation is,” Rodriguez said. “You could’ve been a real person and said you know what, I’m sorry. I can’t pay.”

Rodriguez is one of the customers who stopped by Nguyen’s shop to pay her respects.

“I brought a candle and I lit it,” she said. “I started crying and I went home.”

Rodriguez followed the story closely on social media, sharing every post about Nguyen and the search for Whipple.

“I just don’t know,” she said. “Every time I look at those pictures, I’m just like damn, she’s not here anymore.”

While she’s relieved to see, Whipple was finally caught, she has a message for the 21-year-old.

“I hope she gets what she deserves,” she said. “I wish I could’ve stopped you. I want to go to court and ask her why would you do that? Why would you be so cruel?”

On Friday, the store was closed. A sign in the window said Crystal Nails will open tomorrow. Customers including Rodriguez plan to visit to show their support.

Support for Nguyen’s family continues to grow on GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/memorial-fund-for-quotanniequot-nhu-nguyen

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